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LNG as shipping fuel in the Port of Antwerp


Multi Fuel Port

In its business plan 2018-2020, the port authority has formulated its new mission: A Home Port as a Lever for a Sustainable Future. This business plan is translated into five strategic priorities that should anchor the competitive position of the port of Antwerp in the coming years:

  1. Sustainable Growth
  2. Mobility
  3. Transition
  4. Safety & Security
  5. Operational Excellence

In the last decade, Port of Antwerp has played a pioneering role in the development of LNG as a fuel for shipping. In line with the strategic priority Transition, the Port of Antwerp now wishes to develop itself as a Multi Fuel Port, that not only focusses on one single solution - such as LNG - but on a diverse portfolio of alternatives. To that end, a vision and roadmap will be produced by summer 2019.


For further information, visit  https://www.portofantwerp.com/en/ondernemingsplan-2018-2020 or  www.sustainableportofantwerp.com


LNG bunker infrastructure

Since 2012 LNG truck-to-ship bunkering is possible in the Port of Antwerp. Also, a dedicated plot of land at quay 526 and quay 528 is currently being developed by Fluxys as a full-fledged multi fuel hub. A permanent small scale LNG storage and bunkering factility will be operational by November 2019.



With the aim of making LNG bunkering as safe and environmentally friendly as possible, Port of Antwerp has partnered in 2011 with DNV to develop LNG bunker procedures. These were first publised in the port bye-laws in 2012 and will be updated in the new port bye-laws, that will be published by the end of 2018.


Port of Antwerp also is currently in the process of developing an LNG bunker map, that will be published in spring 2019.


The Port of Antwerp strives towards harmonization of processes and procedures regarding bunkering of LNG. To that end, Port of Antwerp has always been an active member of the LNG Fuelled Vessels working Group of IAPH and has participated in several international fora.