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LNG as shipping fuel in the port of Zeebrugge

While the energy business is undergoing massive changes due to ecological and financial concerns, Zeebrugge, a gashub for over 27 years, aims to play a lead role in the evolution of LNG fuelling.

With the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge’s outer port, the Zeepipe, a 814 kilometer long pipeline from Norway, and the Interconnector, a bidirectional pipeline between Bacton and Zeebrugge, our coastal port has grown into a gas crossroads that covers up to 15% of the Northwestern European market.


Different parties with plans to build seagoing LNG bunkering vessels or barges have contacted the Zeebrugge port authority to investigate the loading possibilities at the existing Fluxys terminal. Many can already be handled at the existing jetty. In 2015, a second jetty will be operational and the port will then be able to handle almost all sizes of LNG vessels.


For the moment there is a concrete project for the building of two seagoing LNG bunkering vessels, operating in and from the port of Zeebrugge. This means Zeebrugge will have a central position in the small scale LNG business, ready to feed the LNG bunkering supply chain towards all neighboring ports.


Companies building non-seagoing bunker barges have investigated the possibility to reach the Zeebrugge LNG terminal via the inland waterways network.


For Truck To Ship (TTS) bunkering, a first truck loading station has been operational for several years and a second station is to be built in the near future. A first TTS bunkering operation has been carried out in February 2014.


For short sea and feeder vessels, a less known bunkering method is being investigated by a short sea shipping operator. Mobile tanks of 40 m³ driven on board can be connected to the engines through a piping system to supply the ship when needed. The container can of course be filled at our truck filling station.


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